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Proverb for Good Deeds in Seasons 12-01-2022

Tótó ṣe bí òwe àwọn àgbà (I pay homage for it to be as the proverb of the elders)

Yorùbá : Ìgbà kan ńlọ ìgbà kan ńbọ̀, ẹnìkan ò lo ilé ayé gbó.

Igbo : Ofu oge gaa, nke ọzọ anochie, o nweghị nke ga achị ebighebi ebighebi.

Hausa: Komin dadin dadewa, watan sai labari.

Ebira : umenyi ona osa ve , oza oma ya ini ume pooro.

Igala : Ilé lo, ilé wa, éné du nóda ogbegbelén.

Efik : Ìnì edí, ìnì áká, bàbà ówó ndòmokíèt idáhá ubóñ ké nsínsí.

Gloss : One season goes another comes, no one can dominate forever.

A portion in one of the holy reads says To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. It simply accounts for what today’s proverb focuses on.

No one dominates forever! The world in which we are is like a stage where actors climb to act and vacate the stage after acting their part. One cannot be on the stage acting forever. Once (as an actor) you finish rendering your lines with necessary stage nuances, you leave the stage for other actors to take over.

The question, at this juncture, is how do you manage your season or your stage when you are reigning? Has your reign influenced others (especially the young ones) positively? What value has your reign added to the society? What will your reign be remembered for?

Always remember that: one day, you will leave that office; one day, you will drop that pen; one day, you will drop that car; one day, you will not be able to harass those girls for marks again; one day, you will not be able to spend that money!

Where are the notable mighty ones who had once dominated our world of academics, politics, economy, religion, music, football and film industry? You know them more than I do. Where are they today?

No one dominates forever; therefore, act with absolute caution and humility.

Mo júbà àwọn àgbà oo (I salute the elders oo)

©2022 Tósìn Ọlágúnjú PhD Department of Linguistics and African Languages, Federal University Lokoja

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