The Phenomenal ‘Writing’

The phenomenon we call writing started in the beginning of time and was first developed in the middle east sometime around 300BC. From prehistoric times, humans had been speaking for a couple hundred thousand years before they got the inspiration or nerve to mark their ideas down for posterity. That is to say, people communicated through visual and auditory channel until methods and set of rules were agreed on by a particular group of people (inhabiting a geographical area which could be seen as a community or society) to convert thoughts into symbols or signs that will represent the sounds of their language and will be understand by them. Moreover, writing in ancient times was not for the masses, daily life in Mesopotamia and Egypt was time consuming and so writing became a specialists profession usually do members of the elite class. In most societies, writing started about the same time ancient civilization emerged from hunter gatherer communities, probably as a way to keep track of the new concept of property, such as animals, grain supplies or land. When people started settling down onto farms surrounding, life became a bit more complicated because Agriculture required expertise and detailed record keeping; this was when symbols, pictures, objects , etc began to emerge.

Generally, when we talk about writing, it is impossible to exclude society because it shapes the society. The latter tries to explain to you who these people really are (are they Africans, indians, Frenchmen, etc) and the former helps you understand the culture, tradition and experiences of that society or group. It differentiates one group from the next. We must know that different societies have different writing cultures.

Nevertheless, writing has become an indispensable component of a modern society, every society or group is tend to be governed by their tradition of writing to give them a certain identity and to show how unique they are. As civilization becomes more complex and greater quantities of information have to be stored and transmitted, written text will become even more indispensable, and in all probability, it will be relied on even more heavily in the future the it was in the past.

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