Life, defined in one word is ‘survival’. It is about how you get up when you fall down and possibly more. Some people you know in life wish you bad luck; they even hope that you never prosper. Other persons you don’t know in life wish you good luck. Sometimes you lose and others win, and sometimes you win and others lose, but IT IS All ABOUT GETTING UP!

Life is very unfair, sometimes you want something but can’t get it, and sometimes we do get what we want. Some days, people in life feel bad that they just think that they can’t go on, however, that’s when life proves them wrong.

There are times in life when we think we can’t go on but WE CAN! All we have to do is MOVE ON and honestly PRAY to GOD to help us out, and MIRACLES will just happen in a way we’ve never seen before.

Also, most people look at the bad side of something or someone first before looking at the good side. I say, it’s better to look at the good side first and then appreciate the bad side. This is because you never know, what you know about them might help you or them out.

There are many wicked people in this world today, and there are still many good people in the world today, but the WORLD still NEEDS a CHANGE! 

Change is constant and completely possible in the path of God. You don’t just wake one morning to change your life. A complete change comes through encounter with God and scriptures.

In addition, if you want to change the world to a better place, since you’ve been singing it all the time- pray to God, hope for the best and start with yourself.


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