Just Begin

Just after I received my fee structure from My University for my MA totalling N145,700.00 in 2021, I told my Mum, who was a single parent and a mother of two girls.

I explained to her that I had the admission to further my studies, she smiled and said “God will help you.o, anyways just start”.

I told her however, “Mummy, there is a little problem. They need N145, 700.00.”

She looked at me, smiled and reassured me that she will support me, saying”Just Begin, my sweet daughter.”

I told her that I’ll pay my first semester fees and sort other things, that I won’t want to stress her much. Whatever little resources she can give to me is just fine. The next day being Sunday and my travelling day, she dropped two thousand naira on the table and left for church. This amount was enough for my transport to school although I had extra cash on me. I was touched by her benevolence even when she was broke at that point.

I paid 30k for my acceptance fee and 56, 250k for my first semester fees into the school’s account, and my journey to MA began.

It was not a smooth journey because I had to do some paper work, assignments for pupils, projects and other daily hustle just to be able to fix myself. Today, having reached the dream, I remember My determination, faith, hope eagerness and my mum’s support.

In everything you do, always remember, JUST BEGIN.

Just begin, no matter how difficult it seems to be.

It appeared to be difficult, but as time lapsed, I realised that determination and faith is key

At some point before my defence, I almost gave up.

I still had a solid N150,000 for my second year to pay and they wouldn’t give me a chance for my final defence.

Then came a very unlikely help.

I had assisted a lecturer during my service year in Ahmadu Bello University on project proofreading, marking exams script, standing in for lectures etcetera. After the service year I left and told her that I’ll be furthering my education in the Southern part of Nigeria. She was excited and encourages me. She even assured me to call her any time I need assistance. One day, after a long thought, I called her and told her what my problem is, she cautiously asked me to send my account number. Immediately I did, she sent a sum of 50k to my Unity account.

She began, “Queen, Please accept my small gift.”

I couldn’t believe it. I appreciated her so much and quickly called My FIANCE to tell h about the huge favour. He was impressed and also added 100k to it.

The phrase just popped up on my mind
“Just begin” came to mind.

Don’t worry how it will end.

Just begin.

If you are building a house, just begin.

If you are planning to buy land, just begin.

If you want to continue with your education, just begin.

If you want to pay dowry, just begin.

Nothing is more powerful than that advice.

We just need to Have Faith and Begin.

And I have revised this philosophy.

Whenever someone is doing something, I always encourage them to Have Faith and Just keep trying.

When things get thick, I always say, keep walking.

No matter how slow Just keep Moving

If you Can’t Walk then Crawl

Just Keep Moving

When things are intimidating, Ignore.

Persist and keep trying.

Don’t give up on life just because your challenges appear to be insurmountable.

Do not be defeated before you begin.

Whatever looks like a mountain will soon become an anthill…
but only if you begin.

Not long ago, my Fiance asked me, “Queen are we going to manage to build the house we want?”

My answer,
“Let’s just begin.”

I believe in the power of Faith and Action (Starting) .

No one Wins a race until they respond to the sound of the gun and begin.

The secret lies in Beginning.

Overtime, God has seen me through a number of projects because of this philosophy.

I persuade you this day never to allow yourself to be threatened by the size of your problem.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with One Step

Begin in a small way to do something about it.

How Do You Eat an Elephant ?
By Eating it One Bit at a Time

If it is lack of money do something small to get something for yourself.

If it is a marital issue, look for a way to solve it.

In whatsoever you face, Just Begin.

Even those with big debts can do something about it.

Just begin by doing something little and it will shrink each day.

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