Engaging Every Youth with Skills & Opportunities


iDixcover Academy is an education technology social enterprise

iDixcover Academy is an education technology social enterprise that designed virtual and physical 21st-century digital literacy, vocational and soft skills training for unemployed and underemployed African Youths and connects them to local and global opportunities. 

Our mission is to ensure that no one is disenfranchised from having a transformative skills and access to opportunities to make a part of entrepreneurial economy of now and the future and to solve the unemployment and insecurity crises in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our Products

Idixcover Hack

This is a virtual workshop where unemployed and underemployed African youths learn digital literacy skills, vocational skills and soft skills. 

Idixcover Opportunities

This is a digital platform that provides 100% free access to local and global opportunities, it is one of the largest online opportunities platform that is focused on African Youths.

Idixcover Digital Litereacy School

This is an offline section of iDixcover academy, we designed in-class courses and programs aimed at giving our students first hand training on digital literacy, vocational and soft skills.

Why You Should Join Idixcover Network

Practical Online & Self-Paced Learning

The training on iDixcover Hack is self-paced, affordable and reliable, you will learn the basic digital literacy skills such as web design, copywriting, graphics design, social media marketing, social media management, videography among others.


As part of the learning process, you have access to our mentors who are young entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective professions. Mentoring can be peer-to-peer and peer-to-peer expertise. This will improve your understanding of the industry.


As a student at iDixcover Academy, you have access to our community of similar young minds, share stories, collaborate with one another and grow together.

Access to Local & Global Opportunities

As a student in iDixcover Academy, you can access local and global opportunities free of charge. iDixcover opportunities is one of the largest online opportunities platforms focused on African youth.