Etiquette has to do with the forms required by a good upbringing. Forms prescribed by an authority. Forms to be observed in social or official life. It could also be seen as a conventional code of any polite society as in: school, sports team, business, family, religion, etc. Etiquette is a customary behaviour of members … Read more

The Phenomenal ‘Writing’

The phenomenon we call writing started in the beginning of time and was first developed in the middle east sometime around 300BC. From prehistoric times, humans had been speaking for a couple hundred thousand years before they got the inspiration or nerve to mark their ideas down for posterity. That is to say, people communicated … Read more

The Status of English Language in Nigeria

Nigeria, is a multilingual state with about 521 indigenous languages. Nine of these indigenous languages are dead while we have two languages (French and English) that are not indigenous. However, there are 510 living languages apart from the dead and the ones whose orthography have not been crafted (Ethnologue; world languages 2009). The manifold existence … Read more

The Implications of Social Media in the Contemporary Times

The word “Media” is simply the plural form of “medium”. Media are channels of communication such as radio, television, internet, newspaper, magazines, billboard among others. These are called mass media because of their ability to reach a heterogeneous audience spread across different locations at the same time. Mass media is the reflection of a society. … Read more