SOYA MILK DRINK Soya milk or soy milk is processed by soaking soya milk, grinding it with water, the fluid afterfilteringor straining is called soya milk. It can be flavored with Vanilla and Chocolate flavor. Thickeners are also added to give it a cow milk taste.Normally soya beans have beany taste which can be can … Read more

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Acumen East Africa Fellowship For Emerging Entrepreneurs 2021.

Deadline: Januay 4, 2021. Acumen East Africa Fellows Programme brings together 20 extraordinary individuals tackling poverty and injustice in their communities – and equips them with the knowledge, skills and community to accelerate and sustain their impact. The Fellowship begins with an intensive leadership programme, where Fellows remain in their jobs while taking part in … Read more

Call for Application: 2020/2021 Global Shapers Community Lagos Hub

Deadline: November 22, 2020. The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change. We believe in a world where young people are central to solution building, policy-making and lasting change. Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people under … Read more


Deadline: 30th November, 2020 ACT Foundation have adopted a responsive approach to grantmaking. By funding focused-interventions, ACT Foundation work across a broad spectrum of developmental issues clustered within our focus areas. ACT Foundation believe that grant making is a critical tool in engineering social change, and even more we are inspired by the long and … Read more


There has been increase in number of Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria, this is due to increase in number of Nigerian youths working on social change. Increase in level of poverty, insecurity, lack of good primary health care and education systems, and high inflows of international organization have also been traced to be reasons behind … Read more

Adobe Research Fellowship 2021 For Graduate Students ($10,000 award)

Adobe Research Fellowship Award Deadline to submit is December 4th 2020 at 3pm CT. Adobe Research create innovative technologies for software products to better serve consumers, creative professionals, developers, and enterprises. Adobe wants to bring together the smartest, most driven people and allow them the freedom to nurture their intellectual curiosity, while providing them with … Read more

How To Register Your Business Name With Corporate Affairs Commission

Nigeria is one of the best countries in Africa for investment. It is one of Africa’s fastest growing economies. Besides, the country is rich in human resources and mineral resources making huge flow of money which is much greater compared to most other African countries. The government has also formulated some friendly investment policies aimed … Read more


FREE CAC REGISTRATIONFollow this link and register your business with the CAC for free if your business is not yet registered for businesses in: Abia, Benue, Ekiti, Ondo, osun, Lagos, Eboyin, Kwara, Ogun and FCT


INTRODUCTION Plantain is a major source of food in many regions throughout Nigeria and sub-saharan Africa, it can be grown and processed profitably in Nigeria. Plantain can be used for domestic consumption or as a source of raw material by processing it into other form. Nigeria is the largest producer of plantain in West Africa. … Read more


INTRODUCTION Cassava flour differs from “Elubo Lafun” the staple food of Yorubas. The difference is the process of production. Cassava used in cassava flour must be harvested and processed in a day. The major factor in cassava flour is that there shouldn’t be fermentation of the cassava at all. But the cassava processing for “Elubo … Read more

Production Of Izal

INTRODUCTION Izal is a germicide regularly at home, clinic, office toilets etc. A concentrated izal is very effective in cleaning, floor tiles, toilets and other surfaces, it is a lucrative business that sells fast because of its regular usage and demands in hospitals, schools and other organizations. This is a business to consider if you’re  … Read more

Production Of Hair Shampoo

Production procedure for Hair Shampoo. It Is Very Important To Follow The steps in order to achieve the desired result. Ingredients.                       Quantity Water.                                     8 liters Nitrosol or antisol                       1/16kg Soda ash.                                      1/4kg Sodium tripolysphate (STPP)   1/8kg Sodium lauryl sulpfate                1/4kg Sodium sulphate.                        1/8kg Texapon                                      1/2liter Sulphonic.                                    1/2liter Menthol.                                       … Read more

Production Of Quality Perfume

PRODUCTION OF QUALITY PERFUME Definition: it contains a pleasant smell which is emitted form a sweet smelling substance. Perfume usage didn’t start today, it started from our ancient parents. The ingredients for producing perfume can be sourced from natural products such as roots, stem, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit etc. MATERIALS NEED FOR MAKING PERFUME There … Read more

Simple and Easy Steps To Making Hand Sanitizer

Simple and easy Steps to Making Hand Sanitizer Definition: Hand sanitizer is basically alcoholic-based mixture that is used to disinfect basically our hands against germs or infectious disease. MATERIALS NEED FOR MAKING HAND SANITIZER There are several materials that are used for making hand sanitizer which includes; Methanol or ethanol one (1)liter Glycerine 1/2liter Perfume  … Read more